Thursday, February 24, 2005

IBM Investing in Corporate Search

IBM's 'Serrano' to Spice Up Corporate Search By Clint Boulton

IBM has grand plans for its corporate search efforts, including new intelligent tools that can discover what information assets customers access from repositories and how they relate.
These are some of the fruits that will appear in the company's next version of Information Integrator, code-named Serrano, according to Nelson Mattos, distinguished engineer and vice president of information integration at IBM.
Serrano, named for a spicy chili pepper, has been rebranded as WebSphere from DB2. Mattos said IBM decided to rebrand based on feedback from customers who believed WebSphere was more closely associated with heterogeneous integration than DB2.


Saturday, February 19, 2005

Desktop Search Comparison Matrix Update

The Desktop Search matrix has been updated to include new information about X1 and Svizzer a new desktop search tool from G10 Software AG.

X1 5.0 now indexes Lotus Notes email and can index network servers.

Svizzer offers a free desktop search tool and a $80.00USD version that adds more features.

Get the latest information from the Desktop Search Matrix at

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Google Toolbar 3.0 beta

What's new for the Toolbar 3.0 beta?

Google has added some useful new features include AutoLink, SpellCheck, WordTranslator, and customized searches.

The AutoLink feature adds links to the page you're viewing if it recognizes certain types of information on the page. For example, the online review of a great new restaurant has the business address but no map. You could go to a map site and type in the restaurant's street, city, and ZIP code -- but why bother? Clicking the Toolbar's AutoLink button will automatically link you to a map. AutoLink also recognizes package shipping numbers, car VIN numbers, and book ISBN numbers.

The SpellCheck feature will check the spelling of any text you type into a web form, such as web-based email. The "AutoFix" option lets you automatically check and correct all the text you've entered with one click.

The WordTranslator feature provides translations for English words as you hover over them. Not a native English speaker? Learning a new language? Don't bother looking up words one by one -- just hover your cursor over a word and the WordTranslator feature will tell you what it means in the language you've selected.

Customized searches allow you to search other sites from the Google Toolbar. For example, are you a news fan? Do you like to search the web for news? If so, you can create a Toolbar button to search Currently, you can add customized searches to your Google Toolbar if you have customized searches configured for your Google Deskbar or Google Search Appliance.

More information about custom search toolbars and deskbars.

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Secure Toolbar for Healthcare Industry - HIPAA

Goebel Group Inc. Announces the Availability of the Secure Screen Toolbar SST for Health Care Industry Secure Screen Toolbar (SST) secures patient information on a users desktop, laptop, and tablet personal computer to assist with HIPAA compliance.

Goebel Group, Inc. a leading integrator of search technology products and services today announced the availability of a the Secure Screen Toolbar (SST), a Toolbar specifically designed for the Healthcare Industry to work with Microsoft Windows to secure information by preventing it from being seen while the user is away from their desk, has unauthorized personnel in the room, or sets down a laptop or tablet computer.

With one click of a button the Secure Screen Toolbar (SST) quickly logs the user out of windows and hides all of the sensitive information that was on the screen. When the user returns they simple log back into the system and they are automatically returned to what they were doing. This is an excellent tool to help large and small organizations comply with the latest standards on securing information. The SST is ideal for workstations in common areas on hospital floors, in doctor’s offices, labs, and any location that may need to secure information quicklyIn addition the Secure Screen Toolbar (SST) can be customized to integrate with industry leading desktop, intranet, and web search tools like the Google Desktop Search, Google Search Appliance, Google Mini, Microsoft MSN Search, Yahoo Search and others. It can also include an organizations logo, popup blocker, links to email services and the ability scroll messages. In addition the Secure Screen Toolbar SST allows users to search PubMed with Vivisimo’s clustering technology.

System Requirements:
• Microsoft Windows 98/NT/2000/ME/XP
• Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher

Firefox Toolbar availalbe on request.

Each standard Secure Screen Toolbar SST is priced at $99.00 for a single user license with an introductory offer of $49.00 per license. Quantity discounts for team and enterprise licenses are also available.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Google Maps Now Available

Now online maps are draggable
Maps are great for getting around, but online maps could be a lot better. So Google decided to make dynamic, interactive maps that are draggable — no clicking and waiting for graphics to reload each time you want to view the adjacent parts of a map. Want to be able to type in the name of a region or neighborhood and see any part of it as easily as with a regular street map? Now you can with Google Maps.
Since these maps are draggable, you can use your mouse or the directional arrows to pan left, right, up and down to see areas that are hidden offscreen. You can also use the slider to zoom in and zoom out.
It's like having a huge map you can scroll around in.

You also have the option to type search terms into a single search box under the Maps tab to get local search results and driving directions. Since some early testers preferred separate search boxes for searching different things, that option is included as well. They both work.
For example, typing "great sushi in New York" will show you great sushi restaurants located in New York, and typing "great sushi" in the What box and "New York" in the Where box should get you the same results. Typing "Manhattan to Brooklyn" gets you directions from Manhattan to Brooklyn.

AOL getting ready for the Desktop Search and more search news ...

The new AOL Desktop Search Tool is now available for download for AOL users. As reported before it is based on Copernic technology...owned by Search Engine

Other news....Microsoft launched MSN Search, this is working very well and has given Microsoft a beachhead in the fight with Yahoo and Google....Google announced record profits and revenue...Yahoo and Google are indexing the web's videos in an effort to keep our public servants (politicians) honest ....In 2008 it will be "remember when you said this"....let me show you the video clip!!!!

Friday, February 04, 2005

More Contextual Search Yahoo!!!

Is this a trend or a fad....I say trend....

The Power of Contextual Search at Your Fingertips
An Introduction to Y!Q
Y!Q is an entirely new way to search. Unlike traditional searches where you begin a search from an empty search box and then sift through information that may or may not relate to what you need, Y!Q lets you search from any web page you're reading and offers a unique way to tell the search engine what kind of information you're interested in.
What's unique about Y!Q is how you tell it what you need. Y!Q lets you specify the type of information you're interested in so the results you get are directly related to the information you select. We call this "context-based" searching and it's how Y!Q "automagically" knows exactly what you're looking for.