Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Intellext Previews the Next-Generation of its Watson Intuitive Search Application at C3 Expo

Watson 2.0 Introduces a Revolutionary New User Interface and New Features Such as Google Enterprise Tools and Firefox Integration that Help Enterprises and Computer Users Organize and Leverage All Available Content

CHICAGO and NEW YORK, C3 Expo 2005 -- Booth #3439 -- In an age of information overload, Intellext(TM) ( http://www.intellext.com ), the "Intelligence in Context" software company, today announced details of the next generation of its context-driven search technology that proactively finds content from any online source and delivers it to computer users while they work.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Verity offers 1 year free search with Ultraseek

Verity Inc. announced a new program intended to increase the number of organizations that can benefit from its downloadable Ultraseek enterprise search software. At the core of the program is a new, simplified pricing approach for the Ultraseek software. Organizations can download Verity Ultraseek, index information in minutes and search up to 25,000 documents free of charge for one year. Incremental document amounts can be purchased as business needs grow. Those who want to unify their enterprise search for an unlimited number of documents can purchase a four-year usage license at $75,000 USD. Customers will also benefit from capabilities that had previously been treated and priced as options. They include the Ultraseek Content Classification Engine (CCE), XPA Java API and multilingual support. Verity will continue to offer K2 Enterprise to meet global organizations' requirements for advanced collaborative classification, profiling and recommendation features.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Verity Joins Desktop Search Race Buys 80-20

From Ovum:

Verity joins the desktop search foray

On Monday, enterprise search vendor Verity announced its acquisition of desktop search software from Australian vendor 80-20 Software. The solution, previously known as 80-20 Retriever, provides enterprise-focused desktop search facilities with centralised deployment, administration and management. The terms of the acquisition were undisclosed. Comment: While it would seem to be a bit of a case of 'me too', this is actually a sensible move by Verity. While many other search players, both from the web search and the enterprise search arena, have released desktop search tools already, its existing strength in the enterprise market means Verity is in a strong position to nip the growing opportunity for new players in the bud. The company has already ensured it has both ends of the search market covered through its acquisition of Inktomi's enterprise search business in November 2002, which provided a low-end alternative to its high-end K2 Enterprise offering. With the 80-20 Retriever software, it has a ready-made answer to all those customers who say 'but what about Google?'. This is increasingly important now that Google has released a version of its desktop search tool specifically for the enterprise market. The 80-20 Retriever solution was designed from the start as an enterprise solution, with all the necessary security considerations, and the integration with Outlook is an added enterprise touch.Although the rebranded product is not expected to be available until the second half of this year, the new acquisition fills a hole in Verity's expanding portfolio. It is likely to be popular with the company's existing customer base, due to its promised integration with the K2 Enterprise and Ultraseek products.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

True Local launches local online ad Program

TrueLocal (http://www.truelocal.com) launches its advertising programs for local businesses including restaurants, hotels, dentists, and stores to reach 70% of American households. That number, provided by a 2005 Kelsey Group and ConStat study, represents the proportion of American households that use the web to find local services and products – an increase of 16% from 2003.

TrueLocal has expanded its local search engine to offer local brick and mortar merchants ways to reach consumers both through free standard listings, through cost effective expanded listings and an advertising program designed to meet the needs of local advertisers.

Based on the demand of local businesses both with and without an online presence, TrueLocal"s new advertising program TrueTarget, offers the simplicity and practicality of a traditional Yellow Pages ad. TrueTarget, an auction based program is only offered to local storefront businesses to encourage local searchers to do research before calling or heading down to their neighborhood store or restaurant to spend their money.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Innovations in Search - David Goebel to Discuss Searching from the Desktop

Innovations in Search
Next-Generation Search Tools & Technology
September 27-28, 2005 • Hilton New York

As the Internet generation enters the workforce, they will expect cutting-edge search tools. What are those tools likely to be? Visualization, mapping, contextual analysis, video and image search, faceted navigation, desktop search, personalization, and an integrated approach to unstructured data are just a few of today’s leading edge technologies that will become commonplace. Prepare now to meet the challenges of next-generation search.

At Innovations in Search attendees will learn about new search technologies and how to implement them. Guided by experts and researchers, they will explore new ways to uncover and analyze information in a world where search is central and younger workers expect visual data and short information blasts delivered in nanoseconds. Yet the newest technology on the block isn’t always the best or most appropriate, so evaluation is critical—and so is the financial sustainability of the companies creating these technologies.

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