Sunday, July 24, 2005

FirstGov Looking to replace Fast as Search Engine

FirstGov has issued an RFP for new search technology for its FirstGov portal site. is the official U.S. gateway to all government information. Their powerful search engine and ever-growing collection of topical and customer-focused links connects you to millions of web pages — from the federal government, local and tribal governments and foreign nations around the world. can search more than 186 million web pages from federal and state governments, the District of Columbia and U.S. territories. Most of these pages are not available on commercial websites. FirstGov has the most comprehensive search of government anywhere on the Internet.

The RFP delivary date was last week. It is said that a number of Web Seaerch companies have submitted proposals. This should be a great will for whomever wins the contract and for users of the FirstGov website.

The FRP call for a current web search engine that mets the WC3 standard not the GILS standard that had been important in the past.This shows that the Federal Governemntfinds value in the more popular WC3 standard.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

New Breed of Enterprise Class Desktop Search Tools Now Available

Just as the Desktop Search Tools market began to become popular in the fall of 2004, Enterprise Desktop Search Tools are now available.

These Enterprise desktop Search Tools fill a need that consumer oriented Desktop Search Tools miss. The most important new features include: Security, Deployment, and Administrative functions.

Some of the vendors worth looking at include: X1, ISYS, Google, and Verity.

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