Monday, September 26, 2005

Microsoft AdCenter Now Available

Microsoft will unveil Monday its own system for selling Web advertising as it struggles to compete with Google and Yahoo in the expanding Web search business. The system, to be used by MSN, is meant to improve on those of Microsoft’s rivals by allowing marketers to aim ads on Web search pages to users based on their sex, age or location.

The move is part of Microsoft’s broad response to the threat from Google, which is using its powerful advertising sales network to support an expanding range of free software products and Internet services. Last week, Microsoft announced a broad reorganization that placed MSN in the same group as its Windows operating system, indicating that it saw software delivered over the Internet--and possibly paid for through advertising--as central to its future.

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Friday, September 23, 2005

Intellext positions Watson 2.0 as an alternative to Google desktop search with sidebar feature

Move over Google Sidebar

By Elinor Mills

Story last modified Thu Sep 22 21:00:00 PDT 2005

A Chicago-based company is set to launch on Friday technology that will compete with Google Desktop Search and its Sidebar customization feature.

Watson 2.0 is designed to understand the context of the text a computer user is reading or creating and automatically offer up relevant news articles, Word documents and other Web- or PC-based information--without the privacy concerns Google's service has raised--and in real-time.

The context-sensitive Windows search tool, developed by Chicago-based Intellext, is based on technology developed at Northwestern University.

"Nothing gets sent to our servers," as with Google's Sidebar service, said Al Wasserberger, chief executive of Intellext. Sidebar users only get the customized news and other feeds if they opt in to sending information to Google servers about what documents and Web pages are being viewed.

"Watson 2.0 uses an artificial intelligence approach to understand what you are working on and formulate queries," he said. "It sends the queries to the online (information) sources and compares the results against the document you are working on and then sorts (the results) according to relevance."

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Thursday, September 22, 2005


LegitiName to integrate the FAST InStream™ OEM enterprise search solution with its award-winning brand and trademark protection solution

OSLO, Norway and Luxembourg - 14 September 2005 - Fast Search & Transfer™ (FAST™), the leading developer of enterprise search and real-time alerting technologies, and The Legitiname Group, a developer of brand management solutions, today announced an OEM partnership through which FAST InStream™ will enhance the search capabilities of LegitiNames’s brand and trademark protection solutions. FAST InStream is the OEM-specific enterprise search solution developed specifically to meet the complex application-based search requirements of independent software vendors (ISVs).

LegitiName offers comprehensive brand protection and e-market intelligence services. The LegitiName “Brand & Market” approach provides the essential backbone of a company’s e-marketing strategy by protecting intellectual property and securing a company’s Internet market presence. LegitiName will integrate FAST’s OEM enterprise search capabilities into its entire suite of brand management solutions, which will provide superior brand monitoring services to the company’s customers.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Google and IQStored in CoMarketing Deal

Google will strike up a partnership Monday with data classification startup StoredIQ Inc. to co-market an enterprise search and data classification product, according to StoredIQ officials.

Austin, Texas-based StoredIQ is one of a handful of startups that makes software that categorizes enterprise data according to business policies. For information lifecycle management purposes, this process matches classifications of data with their appropriate tier of the storage infrastructure, as well as the appropriate security, compliance, data protection, migration and disaster recovery levels.

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