Monday, January 30, 2006

Google Toolbar

Google Toolbar Gets Personal

Users Can Now Customize their Search Experience with Latest Version of
Google Toolbar

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., January 30, 2006 - Google Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOG)
today announced the latest version of Google Toolbar and a new Google
Toolbar for Enterprise. The new beta versions of Google Toolbar for
Internet Explorer are open and customizable, with new features that
enable users to customize their search experience and share information
with friends.

Google Toolbar was designed to make the Internet easier to use and help
people find the information they are looking for as quickly and easily
as possible. The new versions of Google Toolbar now offer customizable
buttons, online bookmarks, enhanced search features, new sharing
capabilities, and an open API. Google Toolbar for Enterprise beta also
includes administration and control for business environments.

"Now we're putting the tools of innovation in the hands of our
users," said Marissa Mayer, VP of search products and user experience
at Google. "We've opened up the Google Toolbar to enable them to
create their own features and customize their search experience."

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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

EMS to Integrate with Google Desktop Search

Unlocks Desktop Information to Single-view Federated Search; Extends Library
of Hundreds of Information Sources

HOPKINTON, Mass., EMC Corporation, the world
leader in information management and storage, today announced the addition of
Google Desktop for Enterprise as the newest information source available to
users through a single query within EMC Documentum Enterprise Content
Integration (ECI) Services. Today's announcement represents a significant
event for enterprise access to global content and rounds out the completion of
ECI Services access across all Google search tools. This announcement also
marks a strategic milestone between EMC and Google to give joint customers
greater access to enterprise content.
Now, not only can Documentum ECI Services customers gain access to
information from a single inquiry from hundreds of information sources, but
they can also leverage information from their desktops within the context of
their most critical business processes. Whether Documentum ECI Services is
searching for information such as brand assets, R&D studies, or insurance
claim documentation on the Web or on a user's desktop, it provides a single
interface to retrieve and utilize that information.
"We're pleased that EMC has chosen to integrate Documentum ECI Services
with Google Desktop for Enterprise," said Dave Girouard, General Manager of
Google Enterprise. "Google is committed to working with EMC to provide
customers the best solutions for searching and discovering content."

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Google Mini Gets Upgrade

To celebrate the one year anniversary of the Google Mini, Google
announced the release of two new versions - designed for companies
whose employees are busy cranking out content.
Now you can choose between Minis that search up to:
-100,000 documents for $2,995
-200,000 documents for $5,995
-300,000 documents for $8,995

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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

VC Trends in 2006 - Next Generation Search

Business Trends 2006: A VC’s Perspective
From the VC world comes a view of what business and tech trends will lead the way for successful companies in the coming year.

Cindy Padnos Outlook Ventures

In 2006: Consumers and business users will expect real-time information access. Compliance will be a driver of ROI. Hosted solutions will reduce risk and costs. Advertising dollars will continue to migrate to the Internet. Users will finally accept off-shoring and outsourcing as a standard element in any IT organization’s mix. Broadband is everywhere. Rich Internet applications.... Service-oriented architectures.... Appliance-based solutions.... Identity and fraud management techniques....

These are just a few of the business and technology trends that moved from murky waters onto solid ground last year. While many trends will influence investment opportunities in 2006, we at Outlook Ventures see two key business trends with the potential to impact a variety of technology sectors significantly: small and mid-size business IT buyer growth and consumer-driven content production and distribution. On the technology side, we're really excited about a few tech trends that will impact opportunities in 2006 and beyond: next-generation social networking and search, mobiliazation of virtually everything, and convergence of technologies and devices.

Next-Generation Search
The search market is moving quickly in managing unstructured content from the desktop to the web. Vendors like Google, Microsoft, X1, and Copernic are designing search engines that will search all document types from the desktop on out through a single user interface. Next-generation front-ends, such as Watson, will monitor user interactions with their systems and proactively “bubble up” contextually relevant search results based on current documents and user activities in real time without the user ever having to write a single query. Specialized search solutions are being developed to optimize a variety of different tasks—from finding the best priced items in virtually any shopping category to retrieving location-specific information from mobile devices. There is no shortage of companies trying to "build a better Google" for markets where a one-size-fits-most approach does not really satisfy users' needs. It is quite interesting to see this continued innovation in search technologies at the same time that consolidation is taking place amongst the old-line players, such as Autonomy’s recently announced acquisition of Verity.

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