Tuesday, March 28, 2006

PODZINGER Searches Pocasts - finds segment of audio that keyword is used

Podcasts are rapidly emerging as a popular on-line audio publishing vehicle. But trying to find podcasts that are of interest to us is reminiscent of the early days of the internet. Instead of using general search techniques, sites attempted to organize all the content on the internet into categories. The diversity of the available content became too cumbersome for mere categorization to be an effective means for people to find what they wanted. Search evolved to where it is today, that is, to look inside websites quickly for words and phrases.

Podcasts have been subjected to the same primitive search through categorization ... until now. PODZINGER looks inside podcasts, not just the metadata, letting you search podcasts in the same way that you search for anything else on the web.

When you type in a word or terms, PODZINGER not only finds the relevant podcasts, but also highlights the segment of the audio in which they occurred. By clicking anywhere on the results, the audio will begin to play just where you clicked. There are also controls that let you back up, pause, or forward through the podcast. Or you can download the entire podcast.

PODZINGER, powered by 30 years of speech recognition research from BBN Technologies, Cambridge, Massachusetts, transforms the audio into words, unlocking the information inside podcasts. Using PODZINGER you open up a previously untapped source of content via a simple web search. So when it comes to podcasts, instead of searching for it ... just ZING IT!

Monday, March 27, 2006

Insider Pages Announces Secures $8.5 Million in Funding

Local Search Engine Insider Pages Announces Relocation to Redwood Shores, CA and Investment by Sequoia Capital, Softbank Capital and Idealab
REDWOOD SHORES, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 27, 2006--Local search engine Insider Pages, "the Yellow Pages Written by Friends," announced today that the company will be relocating to Redwood Shores, CA from Pasadena, CA in order to merge all of the company's operations into one location. In addition, the company also announced that it has received $8.5 million in venture funding, led by Sequoia Capital and Softbank Capital, with additional participation from founding investor Idealab.

"This move will strengthen our rapidly growing company by allowing us to have all of our operations in a single location," said Stu MacFarlane, CEO. "In addition we will benefit from being close to some of our large partners in the search community and from our ability to recruit in Silicon Valley, one of the best talent pools in the world. We look forward to expanding our team to help more people find great local recommendations for beauty salons, dentists, auto mechanics, spas, pediatricians, preschools, attorneys, real estate agents, mortgage brokers and more."

Between them, Insider Pages' three investors are responsible for funding Google, Yahoo!, and Overture (now Yahoo Search Marketing) among many other search related companies. Sequoia's Roelof Botha and Softbank's Eric Hippeau have joined the company's board of directors.

"Insider Pages creates an easy way for people to share recommendations with their neighbors and friends to help them find great local merchants," said Roelof Botha, managing director, Sequoia Capital. "The Insider Pages reviewer community has posted almost one million reviews for merchants across the country. The site's millions of monthly visitors are a testament to how beneficial this content is to people trying to find the right kennel, auto glass installer and other local services."

"Local search is a multi-billion dollar opportunity," said Eric Hippeau, managing partner, Softbank Capital. "Insider Pages has found a unique way to combine word-of-mouth advertising and pay per call marketing to create a fantastic program for small businesses to market themselves on the Web. In a very short period, the company has built up one of the largest bases of truly local pay per call advertisers in the world, and is now generating a great deal of value for its clients and partners."

"This is a tremendous opportunity to establish Insider Pages as a major player in local search," said MacFarlane. "Our new investment partners bring an incredible depth of knowledge of what it takes to build a successful online search business and we're excited to leverage that expertise and experience."

About Sequoia Capital

Since 1972, Sequoia Capital has provided startup venture capital for smart people who want to turn ideas into companies. As the "Entrepreneurs Behind the Entrepreneurs," Sequoia Capital's partners have worked with innovators such as Sandy Lerner and Len Bozack of Cisco Systems, Jerry Yang and David Filo of Yahoo!, Gaurav Garg of Redback Networks, Larry Page and Sergey Brin of Google, Dan Warmenhoven of Network Appliance, Max Levchin and Peter Thiel of PayPal (eBay), T.J. Rodgers of Cypress Semiconductor, Lou Tomasetta of Vitesse Semiconductor, Steve Jobs of Apple Computer and Larry Ellison of Oracle. The companies funded by Sequoia Capital now account for about 10 percent of the value of NASDAQ. To learn more about Sequoia Capital visit www.sequoiacap.com.

About SoftBank Capital

SoftBank Capital is an independent venture capital firm focused on high-growth technology-based businesses benefiting from the rapid deployment and adoption of broadband and mobile technologies. Through its current fund, SoftBank Capital Technology Fund III L.P., the firm has invested to-date in Anystream, Beliefnet, Insider Pages, LiteScape Technologies, Nellymoser, The NewsMarket, Perpetual Entertainment and Thumbplay.

About Idealab

Idealab's mission is to create and operate pioneering technology companies. Founded in 1996 by entrepreneur Bill Gross, Idealab provides a broad range of operational support to its companies, allowing the operating company management teams to focus on getting to market quickly and cost-effectively, and to take advantage of the serial start-up experience of the Idealab team. Bill Gross and Idealab have founded companies such as Overture Services, Inc., CitySearch and Picasa. Current operating companies are providing innovative technology solutions in software, search, wireless and alternative energy fields. Additional information can be found at www.idealab.com.

About Insider Pages

Insider Pages is a local search engine/online yellow pages built around the concept that the best way to find a local business is through a personal recommendation. Users of the site have created over 500,000 customer reviews of local businesses in categories ranging from dentists, doctors and hairstylists to plumbers, realtors and restaurants. The company has been a pioneer of the pay per phone call advertising model for thousands of small businesses from hairstylists to mortgage brokers. The company has advertising syndication partnerships with several leading local search services. The company was founded in 2004 by Idealab and is located in Redwood Shores, CA. For more information on Insider Pages or customer or advertiser testimonials, please visit www.insiderpages.com.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

blinkx Launches Pico, the World's Smallest Search Engine

Pico Mines the Latent Web, Making Implicit Connections and Dynamically Delivering Highly Relevant Information to Users

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF. - MARCH 7th, 2006 - blinkx, the smartest thing on your computer and on the Web, today launched Pico, an entirely new way to navigate the next-generation Web. Today, searching the Web is a disruptive experience -- users are forced to interrupt the activity they have at hand, go to a search engine, enter a search and examine the results for relevant material. Pico, a free 1MB download available at www.blinkx.com, revolutionizes the search process, by bringing relevant information to users, and organizing it for them, proactively and automatically.

Pico appears as an unobtrusive series of channels at the top of your desktop, each representing a different type of content: news, blogs, video, Web, Wikipedia, images, shopping, and "people", which retrieves information from online communities, including MySpace.com.

To get the latest call 440-289-3227

Friday, March 03, 2006

Google Announced Lower Cost Mini

Google now has multiple Minis to choose from. The most affordable version searches up to 50,000 documents for just $1,995, including all hardware, software, and a year of support. Additional versions search up to 300,000 documents.

Call Goebel Group for more information or pre sale phone support for the Google Mini or Google Search Appliance.