Monday, October 09, 2006

YouTube and Google, Blinkx and Microsoft Video is Heating Up

We have been following Blinkx for a few years and have been impressed with its search technology and YouTube has been in existence for only 2 years or so.

It seems that both companies and their technology are in demand....why?

Because the world is going crazy over video and video search.

What is your company strategy for video search? Doyou have video content, training manuals, conference presentations, and other video that people would want to watch?

Email or call us and we can help put a strategy together for you to get more value from your video.

Microsoft Gadgets and Google Gadgets....Everyone has a Gadget

It seems that both desktop search vendors and browser vendors are in a race to see who has the coolest gadgets.

As trivial as these gadget may be, weather gadget, email gadget, time gadget, the reality is that Gadgets can help with customization of the web experience as well as lead to increase productivity.

Gadgets or something like gadgets should be looked at by all IT Departments as a way to increase Intranet Usability, Streamline Workflow, and to get more from the Web.

Send us a note and we can talk more about gadgets for your organization.