Monday, July 30, 2007

ISYS Search Software Announces Enterprise Search Support for Interwoven WorkSite

New Connector Enables Enterprise Search, Navigation and Discovery Across Interwoven WorkSite Knowledge Bases and More

ISYS Search Software (, a global supplier of enterprise search solutions for business and government, today announced the development of a connector that enables advanced search support for Interwoven WorkSite Server. Through this new capability, users can now incorporate Interwoven content in their document collections, all of which can be searched simultaneously via a common web-based interface, such as a corporate intranet.

With only a few clicks, administrators can install ISYS and configure it to index information from a variety of sources, including Interwoven WorkSite, while ensuring security policies remain enforced. As a result, customers can now apply best-of-breed search across databases, file systems, websites and knowledge contained in Interwoven WorkSite.

“Given our strong presence in government and legal markets, Interwoven is a critical tool for a large portion of our customers,” said Ian Davies, founder and managing director, ISYS Search Software. “Together, ISYS and Interwoven offer a complete information access and collaboration solution that enables everything from rapid retrieval to sophisticated mining, analysis and discovery.”

ISYS searches WorkSite knowledge bases in concert with Active Directory user permissions to provide end-users with secure searches and ‘single sign-on’ capabilities. Only documents that users have permission to view are returned by ISYS searches, ensuring existing organizational security policies.

Additionally, ISYS’ Interwoven support offers enhanced metadata capabilities that extend beyond WorkSite’s 30 document property fields to include supplemental metadata. ISYS complements Interwoven-specific functionality -- enabling the creation of indexes based on Search Folders -- while also ensuring that critical elements of the WorkSite system are adhered to, such as they system’s use of audit trails. All of these capabilities are complemented by ISYS’ core features, including On-The-Fly Categorization of results, ISYS Entities detection, ISYS SearchTrends reporting, multiple query methods, and broad file format and language support.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Microsoft Announces SingleView for Sharepoint Search

SingleView is built on top of Microsoft's SharePoint 2007 collaboration portal and is already being used by dozens of large enterprise customers, according to BearingPoint.
SingleView augments SharePoint through a series of data "connectors" that enable SharePoint to act as a master search index for all kinds of enterprise data, including data that isn't stored on any Microsoft-related servers such as Oracle databases, document management archives, SAP and other CRM (customer relationship management) repositories, e-mails and other sources of information. This product may complete the enterprise with the Google Search Appliance.

Enterprise Search Consultant

Monday, July 09, 2007

Google Improves Enterprise App Security Buys Postini

Google Inc. announced today that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Postini, a global leader in on-demand communications security and compliance solutions serving more than 35,000 businesses and 10 million users worldwide. Postini's services -- which include message security, archiving, encryption, and policy enforcement -- can be used to protect a company's email, instant messaging, and other web-based communications. Under the terms of the agreement, Google will acquire Postini for $625 million in cash, subject to working capital and other adjustments, and Postini will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Google. The agreement is subject to customary closing conditions and is expected to close by the end of the third quarter 2007.
"With this transaction, we're reinforcing our commitment to delivering compelling hosted applications to businesses of all sizes. With the addition of Postini, our apps are not just simple and appealing to users -- they can also streamline the complex information security mandates within these organizations," said Eric Schmidt, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Google.