Friday, July 25, 2008

How Fast Does Google Index New Content?

It takes the Google Bot about 20 minitues to find and index new content.

Email or call me and I will show you how I found this out.

Google Crawl Rate

Knol From Google

After signing into Knol the new wiki from Google I realized that this is a wide open wiki that needs content.

As an SEO and Internet Marketing person I would recommend that organizations create pages that pertain to their expertise. Now id the time to do that....before all of the categories get editors.

The nice thing about know is that it is more accountable then some other wikis. Users need to login before they can contribute. I wrote a check list for SEO and posted it. I saw that Danny Sullivan was the moderator....let see if my page gets posted.
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Friday, July 18, 2008


International SEO
Search engines are now taking a users’ location into account for delivering search results. This is evident in both domestic and international searches.

When US international organizations want to get high search results page ranking for both domestic and international searches to generate leads and increase sale, they must plan and organize their web site and content to achieve their goals. It is no longer ok to just have a website in multiple languages, an organizations content and specific web pages must be optimize for each country or geo location.

The goal of the website and call to action for website visitor should be considered when designing an international strategy. Will your clients read an English only site? Will they click on a search results page that has only in native language. Generally speaking in B2B situations a well optimized geo targeted web site in English is a good a start but having localized content and to be found by geo targeted search engines will only help with credibility and conversion rates.

Areas to consider when determining international SEO:

International Web Site Architecture
File name and directory structure play an important role in optimizing for international locations. It is recommended in some situations that file names be set to for web sites that want all of the content on one server in one domain.
For organizations with multiple locations worldwide it is recommended that in addition to the directory structure mentioned above that specific domains for each country served now and in the future be used. Your company url (United Kingdom), .ca (Canada), .de (Germany), .cn (China) extensions should be purchased. A website with location specific content should be designed for each country extension. The website can have the same brand as the main .com website with unique content and links to the main .com website when appropriate.
Geo location targeted websites serving targeted and different content to users based on their location. Location is determined from preferences stored in a user’s cookie, information pertaining to their login, or their IP address. For example, if a site is about Real Estate, you may use geo location techniques to highlight homes in Illinois to your users in Illinois.

International Website Design
Design and Usability factors should be considered for each language and country. Having a flag on your website does not necessarily mean that it represents a language. For example, Canada can be both English and French Canadian. If your company has brochures in multiple languages or if you have customers in multiple countries that speak languages other than English then it is recommended that you have content for the specific market.

Content can be converted to the native language based on ip address when a page is served or generated independently. In addition users in some countries may look for information on a web page differently depending on their language preference. Reviewing your web site analytics will help in determining user behavior by country and language. The important thing to remember is not just to have content in a specific language but to offer web site visitors the best opportunity to convert to a call to action that you determine is desired. This could be a sale, a lead form completion, a phone call or a newsletter sign up.

International Website Location
Location can be determined by IP address or cookies after someone signs up or logs into a system. A Hosting or server IP addresses often provide geographic information that a search engine uses. It is recommended that a website be hosted in the target country to get better search results from users searching from within that country. An example would be results would offer search results for .com domains and .uk domains. Do not redirect the users or the Spiders, Crawlers, or Bots improperly based on IP or user cookies. Inbound links from sites from the same country will help with International SEO. I geo specific linking strategy should be created for all countries served.

Content should be in the native language of the targeted clients for better conversion rates. In addition meta tags should be in specific languages so that page title and descriptions are displayed properly in the search results pages. Use of the meta name="”" content =" “de”" (German) meta tag is valuable.

As in domestic SEO, having the local company address on the appropriate web pages helps the search engines with determining country.
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