Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Enterprise Search at SES 2008

Enterprise Search is now a topic at Search Engine Strategies 2008 in San Jose.

Enterprise Search: Running Your Own Search Engine

The value of search as a true enterprise platform has been touted for years, yet few organizations have seriously embraced the opportunity. This session will provide an overview of enterprise search fundamentals and explore the enterprise search marketplace in depth. Current enterprise search tools, design issues, and real-world examples of effective enterprise search implementations will be discussed. Whether your organization has a well-established Intranet or an Intranet that has just been launched, you'll walk away from this session with a better understanding for the principles of a well-designed enterprise search solution.
  • Mark Jackson, Search Engine Watch Expert & President & CEO, VIZION Interactive
  • Rebecca Thompson, VP of Marketing, Vivisimo
  • Bill French, CTO, MyST Technology Partners
  • Andy Feit, SVP of Marketing, Mark Logic
  • Avi Rappoport, Editor,
Enterprise Search

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Google Search Appliance Now Indexes 10 Million Doc

Google has announce an update to the Search Appliance that allows organizations to index up to 10 million documents with a single search appliance. This is triple the amount of documents from the previous single search appliance.
Search appliances can be clustered to index over 30 millions docs.
In addition the search appliance now has an alert features that allows users to be notified when a document about a specific topic is updated or included in the index. This is similar to the popular Google News Alert feature on Google Web Search Engine.
Other new features include the ability to add more meta data about a document to assist with taxonomy and cataloging.
Enterprise Search