Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Google Search Appliance Can Search Billions of Docs

Google announced the latest edition of the Google Search Appliance -- GSA 6.0 -- which delivers a new architecture centered around effortless scale, powerful customization, and higher quality search results to all organizations.

  • Scale to billions of docs - With our new dynamic scalability, you can easily connect multiple GSAs, to scale to large document counts, or search data across departments and geographies, while providing employees a unified, easy-to-navigate set of results.  

  • Customize across the board - Customizable administrative, security and relevancy features allow you to fine-tune search results and provide more control to automate common tasks. GSA 6.0 also enables flexible security policies, allowing you to customize to your needs.
  • Achieve higher quality search results - Social search features aggregate knowledge across the organization for more precise search results, while multi-lingual features such as Language Bundles and Cross-Language Enterprise Search enable users in all languages to achieve better search results.
  • Upgraded platforms - We now offer two powerful hardware platforms to new customers.  The GB-7007 will support all license counts up to 10 million documents, and delivers three times the computing power of the previous GB-1001.  Also, we're introducing the GB-9009, which searches up to 30 million documents out of the box, and can scale to search billions of documents.