Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Microsoft and Yahoo It's not Search it's Ad Revenue

Microsoft and Yahoo Announce that they are forming a partnership to enhance the search on Yahoo web properties. Basically Yahoo is outsourcing its search to Microsoft, who will use its Bing search engine. So the question is can Bing increase Yahoo and Microsoft's Search market share and can it increase ad revenue? We saw an increase in search traffic to the websites that we manage from Bing in June without much growth in July.

Yahoo users should not see any major degradation in search results but only time will tell. The other interesting news is that the partnership will use the Yahoo Search Ad platform to run the ads. This will be helpful for organization who run multiple ad programs with Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft. Now advertisers need to run just to two ad platforms, this will save them time. It was no secret that the Microsoft ad platform was inadequate, the software was slow and not user friendly. The Yahoo Ad platform software is better but not as intuitive as Google Adwords.

So the bottom line for advertisers is to use the ad network and platform that works best for your target market. The good news is now there will be only 2 ad platforms that we need to use.
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