Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Google Desktop Search to be Discontinued

Google Desktop Search will be history on September 14 2011. Google announced today that it will be discontinuing support for its very popular desktop search tool.

I have used this product since it became available in 2004 and had enjoyed using it to find files on my desktop computer.

According to Google, " we’ll be discontinuing support for Google Desktop, including all of the associated APIs, services, plugins and gadgets. "

I am very surprised that Google has discontinued this products considering that it is used by " tens of millions of people ". That means that Google is giving up real estate on tens of millions of desktop computers. I would think that having a Google logo on all of those computers would be worth the cost of development.

In addition the negative PR may lead potential corporate clients to questions Google's commitment. Other products like X1 have been charging $49.00 for their destop and mobile search product.

Its too bad that Google is not extending the desktop brand to include searching for mobile devices, multiple PC's, and the cloud. Maybe Google does not have the resources to do this or wants to put the resources on something  on another product.

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